Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Most Important Decision

After a few days of avoiding comment on the arrest of Professor Henry Louis Gates, I almost broke down today and offered my thoughts on how distorted, illogical, and ugly the debate has become (I guess we're still not ready for a "national conversation on race," whatever that means).

Then I came across something even more disappointing than the superficial, grandstanding arguments over the issue: the President's choice of Bud Light for his beer/photo-op with Officer Crowley and Professor Gates (talk about compounding your dumb decisions). Jason Zengerle reports on this troubling development:
The Boston Globe had an article today--before news of the Bud Light selection leaked--about how Massachusetts brewers were angling to have their beers served at the get-together, with the idea being that since Gates is a Red Stripe or Bass man and Crowley prefers Blue Moon, maybe Obama could find common ground between the two of them by pouring a beer from their neighborhood. That made sense to me. And, while the local beer I was pulling for was a real long shot (Pretty Things Jack D'Or if you're an inquiring beer snob), you'd think that Sam Adams, or even Harpoon, are big enough national, mainstream brands that Obama could have served them without looking like someone with elite tastes. But I guess Bud Light is a safer call. Still, if Obama is intent on using this whole episode as a "teachable moment," you'd think he could teach Americans to drink something better than Bud Light.
Look, if Obama is worried about repeating the dijon disaster by snobbishly picking a specialty beer (thank God the right is ever-vigilant about crucial issues like the President's choice of condiments and booze), and if he is so concerned about stoking fears about his American-ness that he can't choose a good import beer, can I suggest a staunchly patriotic (and delicious!) domestic brew?

Rogue American Amber Ale. I'm sure someplace in D.C. has it. It's not too late to change your mind, Mr. President!

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bloghaddad said...

Yeah, the whole issue is pretty stupid (to use Obama's own word), and except for Gates, the beer choices are rather unimaginative.

Personally, I was hoping the President would choose Guinness Foreign Extra, just to piss off the Birthers... that way, maybe we could nail two ridiculous, childish political birds with one well-placed stone.