Friday, August 14, 2009

Washington, D.C.! It's Paradise to Me

I'll be heading back to D.C. this weekend, and beginning the day I arrive, my schedule will permit very little free time - so don't expect regular updates for at least the next several days. If I run across something interesting, I'll try to post a quick reaction or a question about it, but that might be all I have time to do until my schedule loosens up a little bit.

If you'd like some bloggy reading material while I'm away, allow me to plug the work of a couple of friends. First, JDR's superb blog Deep Focus, which offers incisive, thoughtful, and well-informed (the latter is a particular rarity when it comes to his favorite topics) commentary about whatever the author read in the NYT that day politics and the media, particularly with regard to the Middle East. I also eagerly anticipate bloghaddad's newest offering, In the Woods. It's just getting up and running, but I have high expectations, since it's coming from an exceptionally talented and refreshingly provocative writer. If you want a sample of his stuff, check out the comments on a few of my posts. (And he's someone whose first forays into blogging precede my own - making him something of an elder figure around here.)

If this blog doesn't reference the writings of Messrs. Reger and Haddad very frequently, it's not because they're not producing good material, but because I don't want to invite the reader to make comparisons between their work and my own. I have to hang on to my audience somehow...


Anonymous said...

Awww... why, Mr. N, you're an officer and a gentilhomme - in reality AND in cyberspace!

Thanks for the encouragement to get my blogging ass (not really all that different from my regular ass) in gear. I'll keep you updated - can't remember if In The Woods has an RSS feature or not...

And as for Deep(ly un) Focus(ed), I agree, JDR has quite a bit of good stuff to say.

Keep on it, mate. As I just remarked in a recent tweet, this has probably been the weirdest three months in politics EVER - so I'm sure you won't be running out of raw material anytime soon.

Matthew said...

JDR's superb blog Deep Focus, which offers...commentary about whatever the author read in the NYT that day

ba-zing! also check out my new blog, Empirical International: