Friday, October 17, 2008

The WaPo Endorsement

The Washington Post's endorsement of Barack Obama is a great overview of the campaign and the candidates. It hits Obama where he deserves to take some flack - most notably on his populist anti-trade rhetoric - and gives McCain credit where credit is due. But elections must be preceded by campaigns, and the editorial board does a fine job of pointing out why John McCain's campaign should disqualify him: 
But the stress of a campaign can reveal some essential truths, and the picture of Mr. McCain that emerged this year is far from reassuring. To pass his party's tax-cut litmus test, he jettisoned his commitment to balanced budgets. He hasn't come up with a coherent agenda, and at times he has seemed rash and impulsive. And we find no way to square his professed passion for America's national security with his choice of a running mate who, no matter what her other strengths, is not prepared to be commander in chief.

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