Monday, November 3, 2008

Really, though...

Can I just say this right now: I love Bill Kristol. He's such a wealth of comedy. Some wonderful thoughts from his column today:

- McCain, the guy who came into the race with the best brand in national politics, is the "underdog." I guess that makes Barack Obama - who is young, black, named "Barack Obama," and was unknown just a few years ago - the favorite. It makes perfect sense

- A McCain victory would be - I kid you not! - "a defeat for the establishment." Really. An unprecedented outpouring of support from young and first-time voters, the highest number of small donors in the history of presidential politics, a ground game powered by regular people acting as dedicated volunteers - all on behalf of Obama - and a McCain victory is a defeat for the establishment! 

But wait, there's more!

- "It would be a victory for the future...Liberals should therefore welcome a McCain win as a triumph of hope over fear, of the future over the past." 

Hope over fear? Really? In Bill Kristol's universe, I guess 19 months of campaigning on hope and unity makes you the candidate of fear, and saying the other guy is an unknown-untested-scary-naïve-socialist-puts-politics-before-country-tax-and-spend-elitist-unpatriotic liberal makes, not the candidate of fear! 

- "It would be a victory for freedom [...]  Liberals should be opposed to tyranny and genocide. [...] Liberals should be votaries of freedom." 

No comment necessary, except this: he actually wrote that, and the New York Times actually published it

- "A McCain victory would be good for liberalism. Look at recent history. Jimmy Carter and a Democratic Congress begat Ronald Reagan. Bill Clinton and a Democratic Congress produced Newt Gingrich. Who knows what would follow a President Obama and a Democratic Congress? Here’s one possibility: President Sarah Palin." Yeah! Hell, let's make it great for liberalism: Democrats should lose every election ever!

There are two possibilities here: either Bill Kristol just wrote a satirical piece for the ages, know, he's really one of the main intellectual forces behind a strand of Republican politics whose judgment day is tomorrow - and it's not looking good. 


Jonah said...

you have no idea how angry this article made me this morning. I consider myself validated.

Hoya in Doha said...

indeed. his article made me so angry, i think because i saw him recently on the daily show, and i could just hear him sneeringly whine his way through his own pablum.

he doesn't believe any of that garbage for a minute. he's just saying it to upset people who can think. did you see that slate article on how conservatives can better think like left-wingers, and thus more effectively "push their buttons," as it were.

$400 haircut v. $200,000 wardrobe and make-up. i'm no kerry-edwards apologist, but i think sexism is when a man is criticized far more heavily than a woman for a significantly cheaper expenditure on appearances. or maybe it was because he was a democrat... hmmm...