Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Selling Out the Base

Ken Layne wonders why Obama is ignoring his terrorist/communist base now that he's been elected:
Then we heard rumblings about Obama's choices to run the economy, all tragically confirmed today. I was hoping for Louis Farrakhan, obviously, but the names being put out there were just the names of various old white guys and economics experts, from America. Exactly how is that supposed to "change" America to African-Islamic Communism-Fascism?
About three weeks before the election, I was actually approached at a party by someone screaming about Bill Ayers, Marxism, and blowing up the Pentagon. Apparently the person (who I had met maybe 10 minutes earlier) heard through the grapevine that I was supporting Obama, and she came over (or rather, marched over while shrieking semi-coherently) to ask me (although I'm not sure responding would have done much good) if I was planning on joining in on the Marxist revolution, and whether or not I wanted to help Barack Obama blow up the Pentagon. No, really, that actually happened.

So naturally, I'm disappointed. I really thought I was voting for a Marxist, since one time he used the phrase "spread the wealth around." (And people are actually wondering why the Republicans keep losing.)

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