Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Bigotry and Bad Theology, Courtesy of NRO

But why should I be surprised? It's the Corner!

This really is worth a read: Michael Novak's big thoughts on repealing DOMA and closing Gitmo!

The gem of the piece might be his bile about repealing the "Defense" of Marriage Act:
From these announcements we learn that President Obama recognizes no difference between the Jewish-Christian covenant between a woman and a man (a covenant that they will have and nurture children, if they are so blessed), and a civil contract between two persons of any sex, in order to set up a household of affection and sexual favors.
"A household of affection and sexual favors." Notice that word choice: affection instead of love. The implicit message: Gay people can't feel love - after all, they're lesser than you and I. Anybody who thinks you can separate opposition to marriage inequality from homophobia is deluding themselves. 

Just when you thought Novak's hateful, homophobic, bitter and bigoted dismissal of committed, loving relationships was enough B.S. for one Corner post, he offers us his enlightened views on closing Guantanamo Bay:
We learn, second, that this president’s guiding light in matters of national security is not a realistic assessment of the national interest but personal concern for what kind of figure he is cutting in the international eye. Good headlines first, practical thinking later. 
Naturally! After all, wanting to keep the U.S. in line with international law and international norms, removing a stain on our reputation, depleting a major terrorism recruitment tool of its power - none of those silly things are in our national interest. No one could ever disagree with Michael Novak and still have the best interests of the country at heart. In fact, I would go so far to say that if you don't agree with Michael Novak's far-right take on the world, you don't really love America.

How's that political strategy working out for you, you clueless bigot?

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