Thursday, January 15, 2009

Oh! I Think I Know

Rep. Steve King doesn't understand why President-elect Obama's critics can't use his middle name to criticize him, but he can use it when being sworn in! From Politico:
He doesn’t like the fact that the president-elect will be sworn in using that middle name on Tuesday’s inauguration. 

After telling the Associated Press last year that Obama’s middle name was among the reasons Islamic terrorists would rejoice over his election, King says he’s since been careful to avoid using it. Thus he found Obama’s decision to allow it be mentioned on the steps of the Capitol “bizarre” and “a double-standard.”

“Is that reserved just for him, not his critics?” King asked.
Yes, it is, and since you are apparently too stupid to understand why, perhaps I can explain: America is a country where people can live without fear of being judged because of their name. It's a country where anyone who is smart enough and talented enough can succeed, and where - if you convince enough voters - you have the honor of leading the country. And when you employ someone's birth name as a weapon against them, you are being ignorant, stupid, hateful, xenophobic, and racist! Barack Obama's parents gave him the middle name Hussein, and if you don't like that, then why don't you move somewhere where a name can be considered a disqualification? I know at least one person who wouldn't miss you. 

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Alexander Haddad said...

Wow. Someone's jumblies are all a-tangle.